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Automate Your Notice Filings

LienSafe is the #1 choice for protecting collection and lien rights by AUTOMATICALLY issuing and tracking state required notices to owners, notice to contractors, and notice to bond holders for delivery of equipment and services.

Our proprietary and powerful LienSafe software solution digitally accesses a supplier’s or installer’s project data and populates the required information to file project pre-lien notices according to each applicable state’s unique requirements at a fraction of the cost of traditional lien service providers.


LienSafe is a perfect solution to ensure your collection rights are protected.

Protect Your Collection Rights
Unmatched Customer Service
Automate Your Project Notice Filings

LienSafe Integrates With Accounting Systems To Ensure Data Is Accurately Represented On All Notices

Ensure Address Accuracy with USPS Verification

Our system makes sure to verify each address needed to complete and file accurate notices

Automation Simplifies Accounts Receivable

Your custom dashboard allows you to clearly track filings, timelines, and project status

Simplified LienSafe Billing Process & Custom Plans

Integration with accounting platforms allows for seamless billing and tracking of executed notices

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